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I have an AnyCubic Photon Mono. I use Chitubox as my slicer and I use Photon Validator to check my supports. I recently updated Chitubox to 1.9.1. Photon Validator I've had since Dec 15, 2021.

Today I spent a few hours arranging supports on a few pieces and I saved the file as a .cbddlp when finished so that I could check it in Photon Validator. Checked it with the validator and had some errors, so I had the program fix it. Saved it as the same file extension but when I went to open it in Chitubox it was called an invalid file and won't open.

When I open the original .cbddlp file in Chitubox I can't edit my supports to do the fixes there instead.

Is there anything I can do aside from starting the work I did over?

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    Quote 2Floor

    You have two problems it seems; the first being that Photon Validator cannot apparently create a .cbddlp file that CB v1.9.1can read--this is a Photon problem.

    The second is that you have a misunderstanding of what information is contained in a .cbddlp and/or .ctb "sliced" file.
    This is from the CB v1.9.1  online help:

    They say "SHOULD NOT" but they mean "cannot"...

    These rules apply because a "slice" file (.cbddlp or .ctb) only contains the images of each layer and gCgode instructions for printing those layers.

    Here are the layer images from a .ctb file for a small 1 mm thick "20 layer" washer (there are also two color images for a file icon and to be displayed hile being printed):

    The gCode looks like this:

    Their is no structural information for the model (or supports, etc.) in a "slice" file, just oictures of the slices and printing information. Photon Validator can validate the layers and ,I guess, lets you edit the pictures--I have never used it.

    To save an editiable "model" in Chitubox you need to save it as a Chutubox "project".