chitubox Basic/Pro login/activation not possible - QNetworkReply::SslHandshakeFailedError (SSL issue)

2022-2-24 974


sadly it's not possible for me to activate and start the chitubox application (this affects the basic version as well, as the pro version). The Login bails out with the following log output:

=========================== "en" "/opt/chitubox/resource/i18nPro/"
LoginWin completed
loader login message
httpStatus = 0 errStatus =  QNetworkReply::SslHandshakeFailedError
httpStatus = 0 errStatus =  QNetworkReply::SslHandshakeFailedError
CheckUpdate::handleFail: "SSL handshake failed"
httpStatus = 0 errStatus =  QNetworkReply::SslHandshakeFailedError
httpStatus = 0 errStatus =  QNetworkReply::SslHandshakeFailedError

I've tested this with diffrent ISP's (network connections) and on diffrent dvices, the result is reproducable always the same.
Might it be possible that this is caused by the current used Qt5 version which isn't compatible with the current OpenSSL (>1.1.1m) stack? 

Nvm. every idea is welcome to fix this.. as the license is "ticking" .. :-)


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  • 2022-3-13
    Quote 2Floor
    The solution is the following:
    make sure openssl is build with rfc3779 extension. 

    as a sidenote, all libs can be removed and replaced by host-libraries.. (ifi you're using gentoo)

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    Quote 3Floor
    I also ran into this problem. The solution was to build openssl 1.1 and soft link the and libraries into the lib directory of the Chitubox Linux package.