Scaling bug

Doug Fisher 2019-10-11 1223

When you scale a model, e.g. 105% and then do some rotation to try and get it to fit on the build plate, then want to change the scale to 106% you go back to the scale window and it shows the current scale as 100%. Pressing reset does not change this.

This is a big deal, because if you have several parts to print you need to scale them each to the same amount, and adding 1% after 106% is not the same as scaling to 107%.

The only way around this is to delete the model and reload it.

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  • 2020-4-16
    Quote 2Floor
    Doug I have just started with Chitubox today and am having exactly the same issues. Did you ever figure out what was happening?
  • cbd 2020-4-16
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    The current problem is this: when you import the model, zoom in or out, the software will show you the size of the model as 100%, and will optimize the problem later