Need advice: Elegoo Mars 2 Pro 0.03mm Settings

2022-2-28 1627

Hi, I want to decrease my layer height to 0.03mm instead of the defaul 0.05mm for printing really small mini's, but don't know what other settings I need to adjust to avoid problems.

Can anyone please advise what my settings should look like?


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  • Cliff Knight 2022-2-28
    Quote 2Floor

    The exposure times strike me as a bit low, however if they have worked for you in the past then go for it.
    Something to be aware of though is that the Pro Z-axis moves in 0.00125 mm increments--I.e. it cannot create 0.03 mm layers, only multiples of 0.00125 mm (0.00125, 0.00250. 0.00375, 0.00500, 0.006250, 0.00750. etc.). Chitubox just goes
    ahead and tells the printer to move in 0.03 mm steps, but it cannot do that so the printer must be performing some sort of averaging of the Z-axis position commands.
    I do no know if this is at all relevant to print quality--just something to be aware of.
    You may want to set 0.025 mm layers and see if there is any difference...