mac osx compatibility

susanne 2019-10-14 2282

I downloaded ChiTiBox on my mac and is says it needs osx 10.11 or higher to run.

But ChiTiBox requirements says 10.6 or higher. I am running osx 10.9.5 at the moment.
Did ChiTiBox forget to update their specs?

Is there a ChiTiBox version for osx 10.6 and higher?



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  • Guest 2019-10-27
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    I too am having this issue; I tried downloading the earliest version of ChituBox and was still unable to use it. I am running OSx 10.10.5.

    Does anyone know of fixes for this? If I am unable to use ChituBox I will have to return my Elegoo Mars.

  • Nicolás Herrera 2020-5-5
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    could you pass the mac installer to my email thank you very much!
  • Nicolás Herrera 2020-5-5
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  • Guest 2022-6-7
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    Does anyone know how to download Chitubox for OSX El Capitan 10.11.6?
  • Guest 2022-10-26
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    how to download Chitubox for OSX El Capitan 10.11.6?