FIle Browser window comes up hidden in Windows if ChiTuBox window maximized

Doug Fisher 4 Months+ 153

The file open or the file save dialog box come up hidden behind the ChiTuBox window if the ChiTuBox window is maximized.

The only way to find it is to click and drag or take it out of maximized mode.

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  • ChiTuBox 4 Months+
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    Hi, Does this refer to this kind of pop-up window?

  • Doug Fisher 4 Months+
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    No, it refers to the Windows file browser window. Used for "File open" and "Write file"

  • Pierre Doucet 27 Days+
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    It happens for me for save project and save as, the dialog doesn't show when chitubox is maximized, alt-tab doesn't work, the only way I found to make it appear is to press control alt delete, then clicking cancel, the dialog is somehow brought back to the front.
    Windows 10 pro 1903 64 bits

    Also tried after upgrading to win 10 1909, same issue.

    It started when the software switched to the black theme I think.

    The Photon workshop software from anycubic also suffers from the same symptoms also since they switched to a black theme

  • ChiTuBox 12 Days+
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    Hello, if you find this phenomenon next time, please record a video (send to, this problem may be related to the system.