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celtsune 1 Months+ 115

This is used heavily in cad.. and i totaly miss it when i can't use it withg chitubox.  Formlabs slicer surprisingly has it too. which is great!

Don't think its too hard to add on.. 3dConnexion has an sdk for their 3d mice.

Great way to navigate the interface and rotate aroung 3d interfaces.

Main site:


Developer link:


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  • ChiTuBox 1 Months+
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    Hello, thank you for your feedback. The CHITUBOX team is currently testing this device. What is your email address? We can send it to you after the test version is complete.
  • celtsune 19 Days+
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    Sorry i didn't see this sooner..  cj@cj-adams.com is a good way to get in touch with me.. Im on mac.. so this should be in both mac and pc versions please.
  • I'd like the same connectivity if possible. nerdstotherescuellc@gmail.com is mine if you need me to run tests.
  • Guest 17 Days+
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    Me too! I would like it.
  • Guest 12 Days+
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    I am also very interested in this.  Space Mouse integration would speed up adding custom supports by at least double, perhaps more.  As a heavy 3D Cad user, doing this kind of detail work with standard mouse camera manipulation is slow torture.  :D
  • celtsune 11 Days+
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    Totally agree.. adding supports will be very cool using this to rotate freely and add supports and see where they are exactly!!!  - mac and PC please!!