Creality LD002-H Firmware Problem or Bug?

2022-3-13 2335

Hello everyone

I come here to report a problem I'm having with Chitubox 1.9.1 and my creality LD002-H.

Chitubox requires printer firmware to be updated to version V4.4.3_x1_LCDKE

I followed all the steps to download the firmware from the creality website, where it indicates that the firmware version is the same as the chitubox recommends.

I put the files on the flash drive and put it on the printer to do the update procedure.

I updated, everything went well

however, when saving the file in chitubox 1.9 and putting it on the printer to print, it informs me that the file is invalid, that is, it is not supported.

Has anyone had this problem?

version after update.

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  • 2022-3-29
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  • 2022-4-12
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    I have the same issue
    The uptade is not 4.4 im also stuck at v4.3.16 
    Help anyone ?
  • 2022-8-26
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    Why is there still no answer to this question? Chitubox 1.9x is now useless with a Creality LD-002H.
  • Kimb Jones 10 Months+
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    One possible solution to this problem is to try updating the firmware of your printer again, making sure that you follow all the steps carefully. Additionally, you may want to check if there are any compatibility issues between Chitubox 1.9.1 and the firmware version you are using. You can also experience the music in the geometry dash and challenge the fast-paced it offers.

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