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I would like a ruler type tool to help with resziing. For example if I am setting up to print a focus ring for a camera I really need to know the exact distance of the whole (or circumference). There are lots of other use cases though, for being able to quick measure and sizzing. Should be alble to toggle between imperial and metric.


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  • CHITUBOX 2019-10-21
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    Hello, thank you very much for your support. All of these features are included in the internal test. When the professional version is released, you will see far more than these features.
  • Guest 2019-10-23
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    When do you expect the release of the pro version?
    Thank you, Gilberto

  • Guest 2019-10-25
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    im from U,S,A can you all so show unit sizes in INCHES/FEET/YARDS i dont understand metric all that good,
    all so unit for uv resin in usa like gallons/pint/1/4 cup  i dont understand LITTERS that good. thank you
  • Guest 2019-10-25
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    hi this is TheEZhexagon, i updated my profile my name shows>TheEZhexagon but my post  shows guest, i posted above about metric , there is a option in profile about post code, im not sure what that means so i put a few numbers in it.


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  • Guest 2019-10-28
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  • Leo DAVENPORT 2020-1-29
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    Is there a way to change measurements to Inch
  • CHITUBOX 2020-2-8
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    Alpha test now
  • bill 2020-4-21
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    Yes was loggin on to request this.      This is a must.    Ive already printed several models too small or too big purely because Im guessing dimensions.