Phrozen Transform Setting? Wrong print width!

2022-4-15 7672

My first use of Phrozen transform printer and Chitubox. I followed Chitubox setting document on Phrozen site. While it does not make sense that the suggested resulotion for X,Y does not match the printer, but I set it anyway as it was written in Chinese. 

Tried my first print, and as you can see from the attached photo, the model width is larger than the original as correctly displayed on Chitubox. So, I wonder if the resultion setting suggested by Phrozen is wrong and causing this issue?

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  • Li Geng 2022-4-16
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    Why not use the default settings?
  • 2022-4-16
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    Li Geng Why not use the default settings?
    Thank you Li.. Yes, I will try using the default setting which looks right for XY resolution setting.
  • zacharylewis 10 Months+
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    I think you can adjust the print settings: If the model width is still larger than the original, you may need to adjust the print settings in Chitubox. You can try decreasing the layer height or exposure time to see if this improves the print quality. territorial io

  • Guest 8 Months+
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    Ensure that your Phrozen Transform printer is correctly calibrated. baseball 9 Incorrect calibration can result in size discrepancies. Follow the manufacturer's instructions or user manual to perform the calibration process accurately.

  • 8 Months+
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    If Uno game is a product or software you're inquiring about, I recommend checking the official website or documentation of the product or contacting the manufacturer or developer directly for the most up-to-date information on its settings and usage. They should be able to provide you with the necessary guidance and instructions.

  • 8 Months+
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    Check if there are any firmware updates available among us online for your Phrozen Transform printer. Sometimes, updating the firmware can address scaling and compatibility issues.

  • Guest 6 Months+
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