Jens Brockhoff 2019-11-8 5237

What is the best Printer for Dental Parts

I think not to spend more than  600 $


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  • Guest 2019-11-14
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    hi this is TheEZhexagon

    i have all 3 printers but i have not tried any of them yet

    anycubic photon been around a while and has great reviews,
    EPAX X1 never really herd of it but i herd its very good, i got my eye on this one
    elegoo seams to be very good all ways seeing compression with any cubic photon,
    ELEGOO 4 PCS Plastic Resin Tank are reusable and can get them real cheap and will fit all 3 uv resin printers i said here.

    like i said i have not tried any of them but my bet is on EPAX X1

    you can check and see if there is any upgrade kits, keep in mind up grade cost more but some times you may see no diffrents in the non upgrade vs  upgrade.

    on all 3 printers you may noticed the print quilty is all most the same and you wont noticed the diffrents,

    my bet is on EPAX x1 for the print speed

    i may try the upgrade later on the upgrade does say DENTAL