Chitubox adds transition layers on its own (Anycubic M3 Max)

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Version: (1.9.3, mac) 

Printer: anycubic m3 max with latest firmware update


if i set 6 bottom layers in chitubox and then 0 transition layers my printer is printing the 6 layers with bottom exposure + chitubox adds additional 9 transition layers?! 

the first layer with the correct exposure time is layer 16!

i would like to run some calibration files but the holes on the bottom are always overcured because of the added exposure times for layer 7-15

these are the settings i use - do you also have this problem?

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    Quote 2Floor
    same problem.
    please help!!!
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    It's not chitu doing that, it's the M3. The same thing will happen in anycubic's slicer as well. 

    I just set my bottom layers to 1 and accept I'm going to have 10 bottom layers. Not much you can do.