Anycubic water-wash resin

Bryan Broyles 2022-6-7 1749

Please cut me some slack. This is my first resin printing experience. I have a Qidi i-box 8.9 and am using Anycubic water-wash resin. I set my resin settings to what the Anycubic site says and it does print and does a pretty decent job. But: I am getting what looks loke a raft on the starting layers. Which then I have to go and cut it off with a razor knife afterwards.I don't have the part with me to take a pic of, I am at work for the next 2 days. But I was hoping somebody could point me in the right direction or shed some light on what is happening.

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  • Hans van Buuren 2022-11-3
    Quote 2Floor
    Was your problem ever solved? I have the same issue, did not select raft and my print comes out perfectly (I have Anycubic Photon X Mono 6K and use a water washable resin) but there is a raft edging my print, the print is not elevated.