Issues with Anycubic M3 Max prints.

2022-7-8 328

Hi everyone, Looking for some help and/or advise here. I have been sing Chitubox with my Anycubic Photon s for years not with little to no issues. I recently upgraded to a M3 Max printer and the 1.9.3 version of Basic.  When I slice an item it gives me a readout of around 2to 3 hours using the pre programmed setting for the M3 Max.  However when I run the file on the printer the print time almost doubles to 5-6 hours. Any reason for the large change in timeing.

At the same time I have noticed that some of my longer, thin items are warping and forming what look like hills and valleys inbetween supports. IS this another issue due to the larger printer?  Or is it just something Im doing wrong/ not used to the larger machine.  Didnt experiance these issues with the smaller Photon S.

Any help or advice would be greating appeciated. 

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