Chitubox 1.9 breaks windows and slices corrupted files (plus some general thoughts)

Rohab 2022-8-28 510

This isn't me searching for a solution, I just want this to be known. This may get deleted but I really hope to chitu team at least reads this and uses it to better this chronically broken program. I was briefly using chitubox from my usual lychee slicer as a trouble shooting step. I am currently having a strange issue where some parts in the middle of the print bed don't stick but everything else around it prints without issue. I started my printing using Chitubox with my OG photon and have always had a issues with its strange behaviours. Like how it acts like a fullscreen game or application and it resets my screens whenever I tab out to look at something else. Now with this latest version it also dims my main monitor every second reset making the already slow menu navigation that much more irritating. The file that I sliced for the test print always finish without errors but would come up as unreadable by me mono x. this is despite checking multiple times that I had the right printer, settings, name length, etc.

That alone made me give up and go back to lychee but I kept Chitubox installed just in case, this was a mistake. When I initially finished installing the program it gave me a prompt to restart windows explorer to allow icons and thumbnails to work correctly, which I stupidly agreed to. This ended up completely breaking my windows explorer by causing crashes whenever I opened a file with more than a few STL files in it. At first I thought my 3D printing folder was starting to corrupt and that I had just lost hundreds of GB of files that weren't available anymore. However when I remembered that I had said yes to that Chitubox pop-up window previously mentioned, I immediatelly unintalled everything relating to Chitubox and everything now works without issue. To be fair I use windows 11 and this might be a bug relating to that but this is the first program I've ever installed that has prompted me to restart windows explorer, so that by itself comes of as at least suspicious and at worst predatory. I hope that if you're using this program that you are having a better time than I've had, but just know that even the most basic slicing program like Photon Workshop functions better than Chitubox. and although issues like the file corruption and windows explorer issues are new, the other issues like the screen resets and the general pain of navigating through menus has existed since the beginning for me.

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