chitubox is constantly crashing

Mario Da Silva 2019-12-14 6941

after working for a few days with chitubox it started to crash when there were more than 2 items on the build plate and now it doesnt start at all just shows the logo and shuts itself again and again. tried reinstalling etc. but didnt help. this was with the 64 bit version. the 32 bit version does start but crashes also when there are many supports on one or more objects. this is not accaptable!! please update to a stable version

does anyone here have a solution or a workaround or just an alternative slicer for my elegoo mars? thanks

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  • Guest 2019-12-17
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    I have the same problem. Just bought a new printer. The software was included on the USB stick but it does not work! please help.
  • Guest 2019-12-18
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    i find 1.5 to be far more stable tha 1.6.1. It still crashes but not as much.  Also make sure that anything using the graphics card is closed before you open Chitubox (like your 3D CAD software).
  • Jeff Mansfield 2020-6-12
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    When I first bought my SLA  Printer and installed Chitubox in February 2020 it worked fine. Now, whenever I go to slice my models the program crashes. If I do manage to slice the model. It will crash on saving the file. I'm using Win 10 32 bit. I upgraded to CHITUBOX32Install_V1.6.4.3_Beta. And I still have the same issue.
  • cbd 2020-6-13
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    Please delete your log files and restore factory settings to try