Anycubic Photon M3 Premium support with Chitubox Pro V1.2.0

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Hello, I bought a Chitubox Pro, but I don't know how to start printing on it when Chitubox Pro doesn't support my printer. When can I expect support for my printer and how do I set up the software to print to my printer?

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  • 2022-11-28
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  • 2022-11-28
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    As far as i know, you can easily add a printer manually in Chitubox.
    You only have to set your printer specs and some adjustments.

    Haven't tried it yet, cause i'll wait for the new update too.
  • Guest 2022-11-30
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    Please install the latest Anycubic plugin for CHITUBOX to support this printer, here is the link for you:
    You can import the plugin by following the steps (Top-left > Help > Plugins > Import Plugin)
  • Guest 2022-12-2
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    Guest Please install the latest Anycubic plugin for CHITUBOX to support this printer, here is the link for ...
    Thank you very much kind man for the Plugin. I will definitely try to print something out today.
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    Does chitubox plan on adding m3 premium to the printers list in a short time?
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    So I have installed the plugin mentioned above to use chitubox for m3 premium. The m3 premium appeared in the printer section. I imported an stl file and sliced it. When I tried to save it, there is only one file format available and it is pm3r. Is it normal or should I have more formats?

    If it is normal, then should I send this file directly to printer or is there any step on Anycubic Photon Workshop?
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     I have installed the plugin mentioned above to use chitubox for m3 premium dino game. The m3 premium appeared in the printer section. I imported an stl file and sliced it.

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    Is there any chance of chitubox supporting m3 premium printers in the near future? pou

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    You can figure out how to set up the software by searching for YouTube video tutorials related to your printer model and Chitubox Pro. contexto

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    you should contact Chitubox Support: Contact Chitubox customer support team directly. They can give you information about whether your printer is on their future support roadmap or if any alternatives are available. Geometry Dash Scratch

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    Try to contact Chitubox Support Team for a better explanation and answer to your question.  expert stucco repair Punta Gorda, FL

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    You should take a look at the manual and make some adjustments based on your printer specs. stucco siding repair Daytona Beach brick mason Richmond

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    I think there's a manual for that.

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    Thank you for your question.. We had the same question too and thanks to the comments.

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    Thank you anyways.

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    You must install Anycubic five nights at freddy's 4 plugin for CHITUBOX to get full support.

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    Chitubox may have printer Retro Bowl College profiles for similar 3D printers, even if your specific model is not officially supported. 

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