Version 1.6.1 issue with Phrozen printers / PHZ extension not working / no recent 2019 printers in the list

Bence 2019-12-21 4183

I have 2 issues with the most recent version that was supposed to support the new Phrozen printers:

1. There's no Shuffle 2019 / Shuffle XL 2019 printer in the list. These new printer support only phz files as an ouput

2. More importantly, phz exentension does not come up when I click save after slicing. It only comes for Sonic Lite (which does not actually exist, only Sonic, there's a Phrozen Lite however, but that has a different - 2K - resolution). For the Shuffle 4K, only ZIP and CWS comes up when saving.

So on one hand there should be the new Shuffle 2019 and XL 2019 models in the list with PHZ output, then Phrozen 4K does not show PHZ extions. Finally change Sonic Lite to Sonic with a proper photo. :)

+ 1: there's a typo for PHZ files in the Save dialog. It says Phrozon file, instead of Phrozen.


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  • CHITUBOX 2019-12-25
    Quote 2Floor
    Hello, thank you for your support of CHITUBOX

    1. Shuffle 2019 and Shuffle XL 2019 can recognize ZIP format, we have confirmed with Phrozen. Can you take a screenshot ?
    2.This is a machine that will be released in the future....
    3.We will correct typo in the next version, thank you for your reminder
  • Francesco Ostili 2020-1-14
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    I'm trying to do the same with phrozen shuffle xl 2019 but I can't see the phz extension.
    Where did you see it Bence?
  • Bence 2020-6-5
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    I think there's still an issue. For example, even the Phrozen Sonic printer defaults to ZIP extension. Which is actually a big issue, because in this case, the Phrozen OS will not use the profile settings (the gcode) generated by Chitu but will pick the first profile that is maintained on the machine. So essentially nothing will be used that you set in Chitubox.
    Only for PHZ extension Phrozen OS will use the gcode from the ZIP / PHZ file.
    For that reason either you should make it possible to use PHZ (maybe an option in the machine settings) or add dedicated Phrozen 2019 machines. The Sonic (not the mini but the normal Sonic) should in  any case use PHZ by default, not ZIP.

  • cbd 2020-6-5
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    Sonic mini uses ChiTu systems, so parameters can be identified. But sonic uses other systems and cannot recognize the parameters, and their format is zip
  • Bence 2020-6-6
    Quote 6Floor
    Sonic mini uses ChiTu systems, so parameters can be identified. But sonic uses other systems and can ...
    That's not true. PHZ file contains a gcode that all new Phrozen machines can understand. So just by renaming the ZIP file (which already contains the gcode) to PHZ, everything works. The problem is, that if you upload the ZIP file to the new Phrozen machines, they will think it's just a set of images and will not care about the gcode in the ZIP. So it will just pick the first profile on the machine by default. So I would think an option to be able to save to PHZ right away would be the solution here.
  • cbd 2020-6-8
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    Bence That's not true. PHZ file contains a gcode that all new Phrozen machines can understand. So just by ...
    Did you directly rename the zip file of chitubox to phz format, and then this machine can recognize gcode?
  • Guest 2020-9-28
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    So I have the Sonic Mini and a MacBook Pro. Needless to say, the Chitubox files are slicing and saving as this file extension .phz.tmp. The printer will not recognize the file and even when I change the extension to zip the file is not recognized by the printer.