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I'm a pro, and i have many offline-computer in my company. I want an offline Pro version for an offline computer just for slicing with Chitubox Pro.

I buy pro version and it's not possible to connect with any network.

As it possible to have an offline version of Chitubox Pro ?



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  • Hartmut YANG 9 Months+
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    why I have to go always online to work with a paid PRO-version?????? 

    That´s a big scam, a cheating!! You don´t tell this, no Information on your website, by the customers declaration and/or other documents! Isn´t it?

    I want to have the possibility to work offline, I´ve paid for that!

    Also your service is as bad as I can´t imagine.

    Now I´ts my responsibility to inform all enthusiasts in the world to give a warning about this fact. It seems, many people don´t know the untrustworthy business of your company...

    In my country I have not on every corner a good internet connection and this is a foolish situation to work, it´s impossible! Can you solve this big issue? 

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    It is possible to use Chitubox Pro without internet access. After purchasing the Pro edition, you may install it on your offline computer by downloading the installer from the Chitubox website. You will be asked to use your license key to activate the program throughout the installation process papa's pizzeria. Chitubox Pro may be used to slice 3D objects without an online connection once it is engaged.

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