1.6.1 - Support end disappears when editing

Guest 2019-12-25 977

Sorry if this is a duplicate, I've googled around trying to find information on it.

About half the time when I try to move the cone end of the support it just vanishes leaving the shaft.  I can move the joint where it meets the shaft up and down just fine, but the moment I try to move the cone, it disappears.  Undo might bring it back but often doesn't and instead leaves the tipless support and removes a different support.

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  • CHITUBOX 2019-12-25
    Quote 2Floor
    Hello, it may be that the top support has been moved to the middle of the middle support. At this time, you can move the middle support and see if the top support appears? This will be fixed in the next version
  • Fred Steinmann 2019-12-31
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    I have the same problem when editing.  Moving the middle support does not make the top appear.