HELP anyqubic photon-S V5.0.2 and chitubox V1.6.1 ?

Guest 2019-12-28 1335

Hello friends,

i got a "Photon-S" with V2.9.9 and working with chitubox v1.6.1. 

I been suggested from anycubic to update to firmware V5.0.2 

Does it worth updating or i risk to lock it for *.pws format only and loose chitubox compatibility ??

Thank you in advance for any replies!

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  • Uwe 2019-12-30
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    Hi there,
    I did the Update to V5.0.2 and downloaded Chitubox V1.6.1 to give it a try.
    Chitubox V1.6.1 creates .photons - Files, no *.pvs.
    Photon-S V5.0.2 does not accept .photons - Files anymore. Only *.pvs.
    So we need an Update here. I Can't use Chitubox  V1.6.1. I'll wait for a Chitubox-Version that creates *.pvs. 

    How fast could that happen?

  • Guest 2020-2-23
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    I second this request. My new photon is dead in the water because I can't find a decent way to output the file it's looking for. The factory slicer is crap. I'd rather use this software if I can.