Do I have a setting wrong in chitubox or something else?

Guest 2023-2-7 331

I have a model I am trying to print on a Elegoo Saturn S using Siraya Tech Sculpt clear. The overall height is within .05mm on the model's height which I can work with. The issue I am having is the inner cutouts of the model are not at the correct depth. I only recall the rough measurements of the 2 inner rectangles. The one with the black marks should be 12.50mm deep and was something around 9mm. The other one should have been 10mm deep and is around 7.1mm deep. Even the front cutout should have been 15.5mm from the bottom and it is something around 18.. I used the settings file from siyara techs site to set the chitubox settings. I believe all the inner cutouts are off but the model is at work so I cannot get any other measurements. 

Is this due to a setting I have wrong within chitubox or some other issue I am not aware of?


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