Slice looking messed up

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Hi, everyone.
I'm having some issues with this particular file.
The slicer is showing areas that shouldn't be using UV light. I have no idea how to explain this but these are buildings and its showing strange lines and figures that are not supposed to be there. in the first picture, you can notice there's a gap between those 2 buildings and the second image, it's showing like both buildings are fused?
I've managed to print many models but I'm still a newbie with this kind of technology.
I tried other files to see if it was the slicer but the problems only persist with this one.
I believe it's probably because its not well designed for resin 3d printing maybe? I have no idea on what's exactly the issue.
I tried adding supports to those areas but nothing really helps.
I'm using an Elegoo Mars 2 Pro.

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