Automatic Pause Points

Thierry Deux 2020-1-6 1481

Is there a way of editing the sliced file to add an automatic "Pause" function(using an Elegoo Mars) at certain layers? Most printer firmwares have some sort of pause function, it would be interesting to be able to activate that right from the slicer at precise points during the print. Alternatively modifying the sliced file to add that function would be interesting as well. Any thoughts?

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  • Guest 2020-9-16
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    I too would love to know this. 
  • cbd 2020-9-16
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    Can you talk about specific application scenarios? Can you send an email to Looking forward to your reply.
  • Guest 2020-9-18
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    Similar to how Cura does: "Add Z pause" -> "layer / mm" you could have custom commands. Another custom command would be "Raise Z temporarily" -> "layer / mm" so the resin could drip out of the shelled out models before closing the bottom part
  • Guest 2020-9-29
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    I'm curious why. To shoot a time lapse? 
  • Guest 2020-9-30
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    Change color of resin for example
  • Guest 2020-9-30
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    It would be nice pause at a certain layer to check the print to make sure you don't have an issue.  I mean to check on the print after 20 minutes, but I get distracted.  If it paused, and made an audible beep, then I would go check on the print.
  • Guest 2021-11-29
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    This is must. Is it really so hard to program? 
  • Cliff Knight 2021-11-30
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    Is it really so hard to execute the pause function as needed? I do this quite often....
  • Guest 5 Months+
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    This is a must to refill empty vats, please add.  I really expected this feature to be in the pro software.
  • 3 Months+
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    Real use case: I have an intricate design that requires placing small magnets inside the printed object. There are  pre-made slots inside the model already, which fit the magnets perfectly. 

    However, I need to pause the printing midway so I can insert the magnets. My other 3D printers offer me that function, but not my Elegoo printer because Chitubox doesn't support the pausing function.