Conversion failed!Error Code:6 when trying to save to lgs on Mac

Guest 2020-1-9 1375

Whenever I'm working on adding supports to an STL imported from Fusion360 on Mac everything goes as planned. I can add supports and slice but when trying to save to an lgs file for the Longer Orange10 I always get the error "Conversion failed!Error Code:6" with no explanation of what it means. Anyone else experience this or have an idea how to resolve it?

I've tested this on a Windows machine with the same files and they all converted perfectly there.

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  • CHITUBOX 2020-1-10
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    What version of the plugin do you download? Can you show the link? let we test
  • Guest 2020-1-11
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    I'm running version 1.6.1 and the list shows the plugin as:

    Name: Longer Orange10

    Input: --

    Output: lgs

    Machine: Longer 3D Orange10

    Required: >V1.6.0(OK)

    Detail: V1.1; Convert CHITUBOX gf file to longer lgs file.

  • Guest 2020-1-11
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    Edit: I actually found new version of the plugin on their site, v1.3. This solved the problems for me.

    Even though the previous plugin lists anything above CHITUBOX 1.6.0 as ok, apparently it breaks in 1.6.1.