Using Chitubox v.1.9.4 keeps freezing - Linux PC

2023-4-29 250

Hello.  I am running a PC using Linux OS xfce 23.04 and kept fully up to date.

I have been using Chitubax very successfully for the past 3 years to modify and support my models and create the stl files for printing.  After upgrading to the latest version, v.1.9.4 I have found some files cause the application to freeze.  These files do not do this to any other similar application, and I also find that if I upload the files to the printer or other applications and get them to regenerate a new stl files, Chitubox still freezes.  One such, experimental file is attached.  Can anyone help stop this as it's becoming a real problem with so many files being unusable.  I prefer and like using Chitubox, so would not like to change.

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