Most Left click actions not working in chitubox

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Hello All,

Having a wierd problem and hoping someones got a solution.

Running chitubox pro v1.3.0 on windows 11.

Everything has worked for almost a year now. short of windows and chitubox updates nothing has changed. Mouse works great in anything else. I can still see my cursor in chitubox.

But I cant select models with a left mouse click. I cant manually add supports, If i select dig hole I can select models with left click but I cant dig a hole. Left clicking works in almost every other instance within the software.

Ive cleared the cache per instruction on chitubox's support section, Ive uninstalled and reinstalled, Ive reset to factory defaults within the software. Ive not met with any success.

Any help would be appreciated.



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    To make sure the left mouse button is working correctly, you might try checking your Windows mouse settings. To test if it fixes the problem, you may also attempt to reset the preferences in Chitubox Pro duck life. Try reinstalling Chitubox Pro or getting in touch with the software's support staff if none of those fixes resolve the issue.

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