Version 1.6.2 (Windows x64) does not display the options at the bottom of the window

2020-1-15 1138

Version 1.6.2 does not display the window correctly. The window is very large and cannot be rescaled.

The window size exceeds the resolution of Microsoft windows, and the options below cannot be accessed. With version 1.6.2 it can't work, and I had to uninstall it.

With version 1.6.1, all options are displayed correctly.

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  • Guest 2020-1-15
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    i am having the same issue window is zoomed in and it is unusable i have to go back to 1.6.1
  • Guest 2020-1-15
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    +1 for me
  • Guest 2020-1-15
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    Doesnt scale well on 4k monitors. I had to go back as-well. 
    Its really low resolution. You cant access lower menu items. 
  • Oneshotblu 2020-1-16
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    +1 ultrawide monitor not showing correctly
  • 2020-1-16
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  • Leonard 2020-1-16
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    Same problem. Can't move it to lower resolution monitor.