How do I open more than one file in the same chitubox?

2020-1-17 7788

Hi All

Noob question - I select 4 files, and open with chitu - and then watch as it opens 4 seperate chitus when I want them all in the same one...

Noob Fail

Cant figure this out - Help?


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  • CHITUBOX 2020-2-9
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    In the pop-up window of the opened file, select the files in batches. or drag multiple files directly to CHITUBOX.
  • Guest 2020-8-21
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    another noob question:
    how do i print two separate objects at the same time
  • cbd 2020-8-21
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    Guest another noob question: how do i print two separate objects at the same time
    Drag the file directly into the software or open it twice in the software