Consisten crashing when adding supports to large items

Guest 2020-1-22 1269

Using 1.6.2 and 1.6.3 on a mac. Never had issue before. 

I thought it was due to use of antialiasing (as every time I tried to add support with antialiasing on, the program would get about 75% of the way done with the supports and then crash).

Tried without anti aliasing and did OK on some models. I would click aa back on after adding the supports. 

Tried again today with a few models on the bed (without anti aliasing). Small models had no problem. Large model crashed 75% of the way through when clicking PLATFORM button in supports. Very frustrating. Any help?  

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  • CHITUBOX 2020-2-8
    Quote 2Floor
    Hello, this has nothing to do with antialiasing. Can you record a video? I want to confirm the possible reasons.