Where can I get resin profiles for the different types of resin out there

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Just got in some new Monocure resin and the default profile doesn't work well with it.

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  • Samuel Welten 23 Days+
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    There are lists of resin-settings for various printers on the internet. Just search for it. If you happen to have an anycubic photon, this might be helpful for you:
  • Guest 21 Days+
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    What I want to know is HOW you get all these profiles into the dropdown box as stated in the What's new for version 1.6.3. They make it seem like all you do is push the down button and they will be there. In my version it asks for the file from a folder. Where are the files??
  • ChiTuBox 12 Days+
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    Hello, you can see the embedded resin parameters in the drop-down arrow.

  • ChiTuBox 12 Days+
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    Guest What I want to know is HOW you get all these profiles into the dropdown box as stated in the What's ...
    Thanks for your feedback