Big difference between expected and real print time

Guest 2020-2-2 2663


I printed a small object with a height of 6cm. I used auto support from chitubox and there was an estimated print time of 4h.

In reality it took around 7h to print. This is quite a difference so I would like to know if it’s something that I did wrong or maybe a bug.


I added my printer (Phrozen shuffle XL) to the printer list and left everything on default for speed etc. (I think default was 0.05mm layerheight and this was the default speed with my 3D printer to start the print.). 

Does anybody know why it took so much longer and how I can fix this?

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  • CHITUBOX 2020-2-8
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    Hello, the Phrozen shuffle XL printer only recognizes the png pictures in the ZIP file and does not recognize the parameters 
    such as speed and time in the ZIP, so the specific time needs to be based on the built-in system of the Phrozen shuffle XL.