Problem Saving Files after Slice

Karl 2020-2-9 5523

Just starting with my elegoo mars pro and chitubox v.1.6.3 (installed on windows 10)

After I slice nine times out of ten I can't save the file. I click save and everything freezes up and its not possible to click anything. even alt+tab is blocked. But if i press the esc key you can see the save box appear and disappear for a brief moment. Seems like it's opening the save promt in the background or chitubox is configured to be on top of everything. Anybody seen this?


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  • Karl 2020-2-11
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    I found a workaround. After I slice I click save (no save window pops up) press enter and then wait until it is saved in the same folder to where I've opened the .STL file. Then rename the file to whatever name I want...
  • Arnold Storm 2021-3-3
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    This seems to be a bug in Chitubox.   I have the same issue when in full screen mode.  The Save window pops up, but is behind the main window, so you cant see it.     My workaround is to press Ctrl-Alt-Del to get the task window popup, then press escape to cancel it, so you can see Chitubox again.  now the Save dialog is in front of the Chitubox main window.  
  • jan mels 2022-3-3
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    I've got the same issue with copy, the popup is behind the main window, the same for autolayout. your workaround does not always seem to work... very annoying!
  • Cliff Knight 2022-3-6
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    Have you tried the latest version of Chitubox (v1.9.1)? I have found it to be the most well behaved since v1.7.0...
  • Guest 2022-3-13
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    after slicing gives me error cannot open file and nothing saves version is 1,9,1. Does anyone have a solution to the problem
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    same here
  • 4 Months+
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    but i am not sure how to fix it
  • Guest 4 Months+
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    my anycubic photon mono x can't open file created by pro version 1.3 but basic version 1.9 works 
  • Guest 3 Months+
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    I am not certain how to make it better. Fireboy and Watergirl