Please consider moving the infill setting from the printer settings to the hollow menu.

Andrew 2020-2-18 2851

I would like you to consider moving the the infill option out of the printer setting menu to under the hollow menu. My reasoning for this is when you slice the part and add infill you are not able to add holes to the top of the model that would reduce cupping/suction. You are also unable to add draining holes that allow any trapped resin to drain after the completion of a print. Thank you for your consideration.

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  • Guest 2020-10-5
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    I completely support this suggestion. My models are half filled with liquid resin that cannot leak out. I used to build a hollow body and manually add cutouts, but sometimes this causes wall deformation. Without the ability to add drainage holes, the Gred3D feature is useless.
  • cbd 2020-10-5
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    Thank you for your suggestion, it has been fed back to the r&d team.