Free/Fly Cam Mode And Fix Seeing through the preview cut

Gabriel 2020-2-18 815

Hello to all of this great team, before complaining of small problems I want to thank you for offering wonderful software accessible to the general public. I imagine you all work tirelessly to fulfill most of the requests in this non-stopping growing community.

Even with few tools I am quite pleased with the impressive results I have been having, even with only 3 days that arrived my Elegoo Mars.

Of all the functions I miss the most in Chitubox, only 2 would have top priority:

- Free/Fly Cam to reach really small places, I only use manual support, which makes it too difficult in complex prints with many curves that require many supports in hidden places.

- That's not an addition, it's a fix. When using the right slide to see the prediction of the layers, apparently we can see some objects through the cut (into the piece) and it gets extremely bad to identify what is really going on.

Thanks for your attention.

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