Print settings for Anycubic 405nm white resin

2020-2-21 1079

I am using the Longer Orange 10 SLA printer with white Anycubic 405nm resin. I have sliced my print job in the Longer software and my print did adhere to the plate but it was not detailed. Then I sliced using Chitubox and my prints have not adhered to the plate and seem to have only cured an outline of my print at the bottom of the vat. I am super frustrated and just want to know what direction to set up my job in the slicing software and exactly what the settings should be for a successful print. Please help me.

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  • cbd 2020-2-26
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    Hello, can you provide models, videos or screenshots so that you can more accurately locate your problem, if possible, please send information to the following email:
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