Chitubox crashes to desktop when adding (too many) supports manually

Guest 2020-2-23 1366

Steps to reproduce:

1. Import an stl model into Chitubox.

2. Add supports manually

3. Duplicate the model a couple of times to fill the build plate.

4. Save the project

5. Reopen the project.

6. Add another support manually


Chitubox now freezes for a moment and crashes without any error message.

This only happens after a certain number of supports are added - hence step 3.

This happens in version 1.63 and 1.61, but NOT 1.5.

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  • cbd 2020-2-24
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    Hello, in order to be able to locate your problem more accurately. Are you convenient to provide models and videos, if it is convenient, please send it to the following email:
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