Photon S 2020

deyza 2020-2-24 1855

I had a Photon S and used it with CHITUBOX and it was completly great. But this year I got a new one and when I saved the sliced file and when I saw the file in the printer it did not appeared, there was only the default file that comes with the USB. I thought the file failed while saving so I opened the USB and saw that it was generated, but the file name was different between the one I generated and the default one (.*photon and *.pws). Is there a way to change the name file in CHITUBOX or is there gonna be an update of the software?

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  • cbd 2020-2-25
    Quote 2Floor
    Hello, because nycubic uses the full-select format, without notifying us, we can't get the definition of the new format, so we can't support it. If you need to use the photons format, it is recommended that you update back to the old firmware. If anycubic company opens pws format, chitubox can support it, it depends on them.
    Thank you for your support and understanding of CHITUBOX