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Steve 2020-2-25 4822

I too am having trouble with "the file is too large, so only part of the 3d model and all layered images can be displayed?" I know that the file is NOT too large and will print if i choose to. I JUST CAN'T PREVIEW IT ANY MORE!  So Chitubox, what's up????

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  • cbd 2020-2-25
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    How big is your file? Is there a screenshot when previewing the model? If the file does not exceed 4GB, it will not affect your printing.
  • cbd 2020-2-25
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    Excuse me, which version of CHITUBOX are you using?
  • Alex 2020-2-25
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    I have the same issue.
    When I tired to print my model last night, the print stopped in the middle, and the Elegoo was frozen. The screen was not working, the build plate was like waiting for the printing to go on, half of the print was still waiting in the tank.
    So when I reopened the file in Chitubox, I had this error message. And now, If I'm creating a model quite big (11cm tall for instance, I have the error.
    I'm using 1.6.3 version with an elegoo mars standard.

    I'm very new in 3D printing, I did my first prints 2 days ago...


    EDIT : I did a test without support with a tall model and had no issue to reopen the file... I noticed for instance that I see no difference if the denisity of the support is at 70% or 10%...

    EDIT 2: The model that made crash the elegoo was also showing glitches when I slide the cursor, the first top layers were showing weird scratches in the black and white viewer (i don't know how to name that...)

    I will try to print a model who is half way showned like this but with no glitch and I see how it will trun out...