A bug when editing.

Edgar Paulk 2020-3-5 621


The version 1.6.3 for windows has a little bug. When I save my project (Chitubox file) and then close it, after reopen it, if I try to manipulate any of the supports in the object that is NOT selected, the app suddenly close.

Anyone expierice this?



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  • cbd 2020-3-7
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    What is your computer configuration? Can you send me your project files for testing, the email address is: zengzhenggao@cbd-3d.com
  • Edgar Paulk 2020-3-10
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    I have windows 10 with latest updates. i7, 32 gb ram ssd and GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1650 Windforce OC 4G as display graphics card (Nvidia) 

  • cbd 2020-3-12
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    I did not reproduce your problem here, can you send me the project file for testing?
  • Edgar Paulk 2020-3-17
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    Sorry, there are not my files.
  • cbd 2020-3-17
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    Never mind, I have feedback your questions to the engineer