create *.cbddlp on mac

Rocaz 2020-3-11 1435

Hello, I use mac (10.15.3) and I would like to save my sliced objects (Citubox 1.6.3) as a *.cbddlp format for a check-up in the photon file validator (2.1). Is there any feature I have overlooked to export files from chitubox in *.cbddlp format?

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  • cbd 2020-3-12
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    Hello, currently anycubic photon does not support .cbddlp. If you want to save the file in cbddlp format, you can use the default machine for slice saving.
  • Rocaz 2020-3-13
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    Thats it. I switched to the default printer and was able to create the cbddlp. Thanks a lot.