Profile settings of different printer models

Guest 2020-3-12 8809

Hi everybody. In Chitubox 1.6.3, the profile of the Creality LD-002R shows 9s exposure time. Mars and Photon shows 8s in the profile and MarsPro even only 7s. Does the LD-002R really have weaker UV-LED and therefore needs longer exposure times? Or is this a mistake in the profile of Chitubox? Or can I ignore this value, and set the recommendation of the resin producer.

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  • cbd 2020-3-12
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    Hello, the printing parameters on the configuration file are provided to us by the machine manufacturer through official testing.
  • Guest 2020-4-26
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    Doesn't it also depend on the kind of brand resin you use?

  • cbd 2020-4-26
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    Yes, the exposure time is also related to the resin