Unable to change support settings

Killamanjaro 2020-3-14 825

Starting a couple of weeks ago Chitubox began ignoring any changes to support settings I made.  It is odd because I have been using Chitubox 1.6.3 since it came out, but this problem was not prevalent when I started using it.  With this problem I can do something as big as changing the 1mm Heavy Support contact diameter to .02mm and it will look the exact same as the default setting 1mm.  What is creating this issue?  I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling Chitubox to fix it, but it didn't seem to work.

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  • cbd 2020-3-16
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    Which support contact do you mean? Can you take a screenshot?
  • Killamanjaro 2020-3-17
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    I mean the menu that opens on the right when you go to add/change settings for supports.  Specifically I'm talking about the settings for the top of a support, the contact diameter for the head of a support.  No matter how drastically I change that setting, there is no visible change for the support.  This has not always been the case, in the past I have changed this setting and gotten a visible change in the support, but now there is nothing.
  • Guest 2020-11-26
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    Having this same issue, wondering if there is a solution.
  • Guest 2020-11-26
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    Okay, So the problem might be that contact diameter doesnt do anything. Adjusting the Upper Diameter does change the diameter of the part of the support that touches the model

  • cbd 2020-11-27
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    Because your connection shape is None, so how you change it is invalid
  • Guest 2021-7-21
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    +1 on this. clicking the edit button after changing contact sizes... sphere or none.. contact diameter,upper diameter.. nothing updates.