Chitubox cutting out parts of model and raft unexpectedly

Guest 2020-3-21 1857

I'm using 1.6.3 and I'm having issues with the slicing.  The program is creating cut outs in odd places.  The last time it looks like it has cut the models and rafts further from the edge than normal. I'm not sure what to do.

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  • Guest 2020-9-24
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    Same probleme: chitubox on Win64. After rotation from -45 to -55 chitubox cuts a top Part from the detail. see attached screenshots.

  • cbd 2020-9-25
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    Please check that the model bar on the right has been dragged by you.
  • Guest 2020-9-27
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    hello, nice hint, but no, model bar wasn't dragging between rotations. Check Attached pictures.

    I found one "solution" for this problem: if you rotate the model for 45 Grad, you have to wait for 5-10 min befor you make the next rotation in the same destination. I rotate my model for 45 Grad then stopped the work for 10 min then did next rotation for 10 Grad ... voila.

  • cbd 2020-9-27
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    Are you using the latest version? If so, start the video card compatibility mode in the settings page of the dropdown menu and restart your computer to reproduce the attempt, also, your rotating pointer doesn't seem to be working properly.
  • cbd 2020-9-27
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  • Guest 2020-9-28
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    Are you using the latest version? If so, start the video card compatibility mode in the settings pag ...
    hi, thanks for you replay. Yes, I'm using chitubox on Win64. (see my 1st message). I checked the setting as you wrote, but I'm steel getting the same error.