shaddow effect on program

Guest 2020-3-28 623

Hi im using chitubox v1.6.3,  the first time i imported a model to the software it appeared as a blue model defining what i will see as a result of the print.  The second time i uploaded another model and it appeared only as a shadow. I tried uploading the same model again and it also appeared as a shadow and i am not able to see any setup within the model. How can i fix this? I have tried reinstalling the software and infact downloaded older versions of the software but it continues to have the same effect as a shadow. Any help is appreciated...

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  • cbd 2020-3-30
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    Hello, you can email, I have a new beta version
  • 2020-4-4
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    I'm also experiencing the same issue. Tried updating graphics drivers, but no luck
  • cbd 2020-4-4
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    Hello, you can email, I have a new beta version