Inches vs MM

Guest 2020-3-30 6166

On Chitubox v1.6.3 if I load a file I created in Fusion360 using inches, Chitubox incorrectly scales the item when I let it scale it via the pop up.

If I go into Fudion 360 and change my model to mm and export and load into Chitubox the file lids correctly and is printed I. The correct size.

Unless there is a setting I am missing, I think there is a bug in the way Chitbox accepts a file when it is defined in inches.

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  • cbd 2020-3-30
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    Hello, the default unit of our software is mm
  • 2020-4-1
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    Is there a way to swap from mm to inches?
  • Guest 2020-4-7
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    I second the mm to inches question. For now I'm trying to use the scale function to resize it, but it would be grate if there was an option to just use inches.
  • 2020-4-16
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    No. I'm importing directly from CREO, in mm, and the file is obviously WAAAYYY too big. What's the deal?
  • cbd 2020-4-16
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    Guest I second the mm to inches question. For now I'm trying to use the scale function to resize it, but i ...
    This will be optimized later
  • cbd 2020-4-16
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    Currently, no, only through unit conversion
  • 2020-6-26
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    Since the scale is 25.4 mm to the inch, if your model is in inches and comes in way to small, change the scale to 2540%, depending on your original file this might work. Or I should say, this is the scale factor I needed.