How do I change language?

Thomas A Coffey Jr 10 Months+ 777

For some reason when I went to open Chitubox today the language had changed.  I can not find a place to change it back to english.  I tried to uninstall and reinstall it but the language is still not in english.  Does anyone know how to change it?  Thanks.

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  • cbd 9 Months+
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    Do you have a screenshot?
  • cbd 9 Months+
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    Can you send an email: I will try to solve it for you
  • Guest 9 Months+
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    I just had the same problem - it changed to Portuguese from English. 
  • cbd 9 Months+
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    Guest I just had the same problem - it changed to Portuguese from English.
    Hello, can you change the language back to English through the menu drop-down box?
  • Guest 3 Months+
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    I've just had the same issue. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it is still in Portuguese...
  • Guest 8 Days+
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    click the menu in the top left corner. the 8th selection from the top is Language.