Infill not properly added, wallthickness does not matter

Guest 2020-3-31 2510

hey Guys,

I am using the eleegoo mars and in general iam very  happy with the printer and the software.

BUT there is one major problem!

The software does not properly add infills, the only way i can see infills being display after slicing is using 100% infill and 5mm wide walls (btw do they count for all walls, or just the infill-walls? Often it doesnt add any infill, on other occasions, just one of the two models get infill...

When i use hollow and choose wallthickness of 3mm it also is not really displayed in the slicing windows...

Am i doing something wrong?

I have booth models selected in the file list, so it cant be because of that.  

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  • Guest 2020-3-31
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    Nobody is having comparable problems?


  • cbd 2020-4-2
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    Can you send the video to
  • Guest 2020-4-19
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    Yes, i will send a video soon. Thank you for the reply!


  • MargyG 2020-8-17
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    I am now having this exact same problem. It was working fine and now the infill is not being added. I followed the exact same process. Infill should also be moved to the hollow command.
  • cbd 2020-8-17
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    MargyG I am now having this exact same problem. It was working fine and now the infill is not being added. ...
    Fill in the slice settings. If it is invalid, please restore the factory settings. Can you send the project file to
  • Leto Atreides 2020-8-17
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    If you hollow a model and then clone it, the hollowing becomes a permanent fixture of the clones, which means they start hollow and thus infill (which hollows and then fills in the area it hollowed) has nothing to do.  Somehow the original model still remembers that it was solid and the infill process will work.

    If you hollow a model and then save/load it (even as a chitubox project file), the same thing happens.  When it loads the model it thinks that its always been hollow, and there is nothing for infill to do.