Round object Printing oval.

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I am new to 3D printing. I have purchased a Creality LD-002R. The printer has been alot of fun. Last night I Created a part for model rocketry in Fusion 360 imported into Chitubox then printed it. Woke up to all my thrust rings being oval when they are suppose to be round,not to many oval rockets. I narrowed the issuue down to Chitubox(by using other slicers). The file opens and displays it as it should. However, looking through the slices after the g-code is built the object becomes oval. I have attached the Fusion and slice file.

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    Update: The slicer is deforming the object when xy printer settings are set. XY should be length and width so the setting would be for this printer 119x65 mm. When the printer profile is set to this the slicer creates the oval.  Switching the XY values solves the problem.  Anyone know what to do about this? Doesn't this mean X is now constrained to 65 mm?

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    I'm running into the same issue with stretching in the Zed on a Transform. The higher the layer resolution, the bigger the stretching effect I get. 
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    Okay, so I guessed that the triangle on Chitubox's X side was suppose to be representing the build plate facing out toward the user. If I understand this correctly X is suppose to be the shorter side and Y the longer.

    The round being sliced to an oval is still odd, wither or not those printer values are switched.