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Albe 8 Months+ 527

Hi everybody!
After the installation on my Asus Win7 pro 32 bit, I'm not able to work because the windows are empty, like the attached photo. Can you help me?
Thanks a lot


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  • ChiTuBox 8 Months+
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    Hello, this is a bug caused by the system language, please leave your email address, I will send you a test version.
  • Guest 8 Months+
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    I have the same problem.

  • ChiTuBox 8 Months+
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    Guest I have the same problem.
    Please tell me what's your software version?
  • Guest 22 Days+
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    I have the same problem, with version 1.4.0 installed on mac osx version 10.14.5 (mojave) installed. I also have the same problem on my windows laptop running version 1.4.0 64 bit on windows 7
  • ChiTuBox 21 Days+
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    Guest I have the same problem, with version 1.4.0 installed on mac osx version 10.14.5 (mojave) installed. ...
    Hi, we have fixed this bug, could you tell me your email? we can send test version to you
  • I have the same problem. 
  • I have the same problem.
  • Guest 10 Days+
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    I have the same issue.